Marie Muhire


My name is Marie Muhire. I am married with 2 children. I am a Registered Nurse by carrier. I am forever grateful to God for giving this opportunity to serve him through DIM in the Evangelism Outreach Program. I was born and raised in a Christian family; went to Christian schools in my growing up, and received good biblical foundation as my father was a pastor. However, it was not until I was close to my twenties that I understood what it meant to receive Christ and have him as my savior and close personal friend. Even though I was born and raised in church, receiving Christ became a total complete different experience. Ever since, I grew that passion in me to help others meet Christ as their savior also and develop a close relationship as their personal friend as well.

I started helping young people developing a personnel relationship with Jesus Christ since 2000. When DIM was formerly organized as body in 2003, I continued that mission through the ministry. Through DIM, I was even able to reach out to more people who came to receive prayers. Some of the people we helped receive Christ have become great young men and women servant of God today. Some have taken the gospel to other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa, some others are just good Christians serving in their local churches in the USA. They all today live happy, meaningful lives through knowing and experiencing Christ as their Savior and friend.

I am excited about our evangelism outreach program. I am sure many other souls will be saved through this ministry. It is rewarding to see people moving forward and have their lives changed. I believe that if anyone is in Christ Jesus our Lord, nothing is impossible.

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