My name is Tabitha, also known as Princess. I have three children and I am a Chemist by profession. I am a living testimony of how prayers have transformed my life. Not only that God has healed me from a chronic sickness (2002), and  my daughter (2015) but, has also witnessed many other mountains removed before me that would have not otherwise been moved without prayers. I have also seen the hand of God in other people’s lives through this intercession ministry. I can boldly testify that prayer works.

I greatly delight in being part of the ministry that helps the needy and refugees transitioning from hopelessness into American life. Our main focus is to ease the pain of incoming refugees by lessening the culture shock through teaching and coaching them about everyday little things of American life. Some of the things we do for refugees include preparation in job readiness and acquiring driver’s license, language interpretation, registration of kids in schools, use of credit cards, how to shop, and use of public transportation, just to name a few. To be part of this ministry has been the greatest joy of my life. After all, how can I not? It is a personal touch. Shortly following the 1994 Rwandan genocide, I went to Tanzania one of the refugees’ camp neighboring Rwanda to visit. Based on what my eyes witnessed, I couldn’t agree any better with the saying "There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land". Euripides 431 B.C.

After looking at all these conditions and seeing people with despair, the relief ministry was planted in me back then. But, I was only a college student myself with little means. The needs were enormous. Regardless of my estate, I knew I had to do something but did not know how and where to begin. I prayed to God to provide me with an opportunity to be of service in this area, in one way or another.

Since then, I did all I could to help, one on one with as many as I could touch. I turned no one down based on the means I had. Any letter or a phone call I received, I responded with all my heart. Speaking on that, in June 2015, I met a woman at a retreat I attended in Indiana, who had come from Toronto, Canada. The woman had never met me before; neither did I know who she was. When she heard my name, she introduced herself and told me that I helped her through my sister, 20 years ago while she was in a refugee camp. These types of stories move me to want to serve even more as we never know who we may touch.

Since 1994, years have passed with me helping one person at a time, and it was not until 2003 when Esther shared the vision that God had given her with the little prayer group we had back then. It became clear to me that I was in this ministry to serve on a larger scale.

Even then, we did not have any material things, but we figured out that we could start with what we had, which was intercessory prayers. We therefore started out as an intercessory ministry, Dominion intercessors Network, with prayer partners around the world. From there, we started helping people who came to the ministry for prayers and slowly extended our ministry to outreach activities. We later changed our name to Dominion Intercessors Ministry to account for the outreach activities that we do as well.

To whom much has been given, much is required, Luke 12:18.

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